Time Tracking With Yaware Is Available For Mac OS Users!
Jul 16, 2012

Latest business news! As it has been announced six weeks ago, MagneticOne Team  introduces  the release of Yaware version for Mac OS! Finally, Yaware is ​​available for users of three most popular OS: Windows, Linux and Mac.

Yaware is a one-of-its-kind solution for time tracking. To start using the service you need only to download and install Yaware-client on the computer. This will take just a couple of seconds.
If you don't want your team to know about the monitoring, you can install Yaware in hidden mode.

Analyze the productivity of your employees  regardless of what operating system they use and where they work - in your office or distantly. All information on, working hours, websites visited and inefficient time usage will be available to you in one window from any point of the world. Moreover, you can log in to your account and check the results not only from your PC or laptop, but also from your Android-based phone.

Get the advantages of tracking employee working hours to improve the effectiveness of your business right now. Register your account  and get Yaware trial version for 14 days absolutely free!

With Yaware, your business will be in safe hands!
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