MagneticOne Took Part at “Meet Magento Belarus - 2011”
Jun 22, 2011

Ruslan Savchyshyn - Director of MagneticOne took part in “Meet Magento Belarus 2011” that took place at Minsk International Educational Center.

The conference was organized by aheadWorks - e-commerce development company and Varien - Magento founder.

Ruslan Savchyshyn had a speech about implementing Agile technologies in developing solutions for Magento platform. Also he talked about Store Manager for Magento - as a great software for quick and easy management of Magento store. This presentation arouse hot discussion between developers. Some guys had got small gifts - cups with MagneticOne logo for their activity and most interesting questions during Ruslan’s presentation.

Other speakers told much about Magento development environment, integration e-store Magento with social media, new information about Magento 2, etc.

At the conference, director of MagneticOne took a practical experiences in developing, found new partners.

MagneticOne Has Become a Member of UILBU Association
Jun 3, 2011

May, 2011 MagneticOne became a partner of the Association of IT-business Members.

UILBU Association is a public organization providing recommendations for the development and improvement of modern computer software and information systems. It aims at establishing an all-round cooperation between business owners and government organizations to ensure steady advancement of IT market as one of the top priority economic branches in Ukraine.

The main tasks of the Association are: mobilize joint constructive efforts for the improvement of IT, high-tech and general science and technology fields; influence policy generation carried out by central Ukrainian executive authorities in the sphere of E-commerce with regard to IT market demands; provide IT companies with economic and legal guarantees and support their constant realization.

UILBU Association tailors the perfect environment for members to exchange knowledge and experience in the sphere of IT, assists in the establishment of business relationships at conferences, round-table discussions, seminars and general membership meetings.

The newest members of association are:JSCB Imexbank, Manexi Ltd., Interkassa Ltd. and others.