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Automated Data2CRM Migration Service Beta Release: MagneticOne Innovative Discovery
Jul 10, 2014

Tidings of great joy! MagneticOne presents to all business entrepreneurs its newly backed revolutionary solution for CRM data import - automated Data2CRM migration service

Going on with the innovative revelations, MagneticOne turns into reality the possibility of your CRM data migration from one customer relationship management software to another in a fully automated way. On July, 10 it launches the Beta Release of Data2CRM. Here’s the horizon of automated Data2CRM migration:
  • No business interruption
  • Moment procedure of CRM data migration 
  • No coding skills required 
  • Reliable procedure of CRM data switch 
Currently, Data2CRM is in development stage, however it is already supported the following CRM systems:
  1. SugarCRM
  2. SuiteCRM
  3. BPMonline
Now, Data2CRM Team avails itself of every chance to improve the functionality of service and welcomes all your suggestion and ideas on CRM data migration enhancements. 

So, hurry up! Catch your chance and start free data migration to your new CRM system with Data2CRM!

Cart2Cart Rescues Magento Go Users

Recently Magento Go users have been totally baffled with the news that their solution is going to be pulled the plug on since February 2015. It means that all online businessmen who are using this shopping cart will have no choice and need to move to another solution suitable for their retail. And our Team is ready to rescue those merchants and remind about a great opportunity to migrate from Magento Go to 50+ platforms supported by Cart2Cart service. On July 1 Magento has announced that it discontinues one of its editions - Magento Go which has been used for small and middle-sized businesses. However, Enterprise and Community versions are still going to be offered for large e-store and with more possibilities. Such decision has puzzled Magento Go users to pieces as now they have to move from their current solution to another platform. Cart2Cart Team is willing to remind that we are always ready to be your saver and provide you with the most convenient way to change the platform. Our service offers a migration from Magento Go to any of 50+ shopping carts from supported list which includes the most powerful solutions of e-Commerce market. Even having no programming skills you will be able to move all your products, customers and orders just in a few hours. Thus, don’t labour under Magento Go shut down and create an exclusive store with new possibilities. Use such great opportunity during summer holiday season, when business activity level decreases rapidly, and you can make the switch to a new platform making no efforts! Do you want an all-inclusive solution? Give credit to Cart2Cart Team technicians with 5-year migration experience. Get one of Data Migration Service Packages and don’t even feel the changes! Are you willing to move your design as well? Jammy! Our Data&Design Migration Packages provide you with such a unique chance to make the migration as convenient as it is only possible.   

Promodo&Cart2Cart Webinar
Jun 20, 2014

Promodo&Cart2Cart Webinar
We have a great news for you! On June 26 Cart2Cart is going to hold a webinar in cooperation with Promodo for web store owners who are willing to explore new tendencies of e-Commerce market and useful tips for shop management. Don’t stay aside and use a unique possibility to get a new portion of valuable information for free!

Modern technology world changes day-by-day presenting a variety of new opportunities for many spheres of our life, including e-Commerce. On June 26 at 9 a.m. PDT Cart2Cart is going to participate in a webinar on topic “Most popular e-commerce platforms: SEO pros and cons and migration issues”. It will be held in cooperation with Promodo internet marketing company.

Use a possibility to go in step with the times and discover novelties and trends with us on June 26. Fill in a registration form to become a participant of an exclusive free webinar.

Register Now!

So, we have planned a discussion of different issues that include:
  1. Migration tendencies: how shopping cart popularity changed over the last year.
  2. General migration issues and how to avoid them.
  3. Pre and Post migration recommendations for Magento, Shopify, Volusion and BigCommerce.
  4. What you should be looking for in an e-commerce platform from an SEO standpoint.
  5. Pros and Cons of Magento, Shopify, Volusion and BigCommerce.
  6. How to make sure your migration runs smoothly for site’s traffic and rankings.
Our webinar is going to be supported by two great speakers: Yurii Stakh, Head of Marketing Department at MagneticOne, and Anna Korolek, Marketing Manager at Promodo. After the webinar you will receive a great present, so arm yourself with patience and get a benefit!

As Winston Churchill said: “He, who owns the information, owns the world”. Therefore, don’t miss a chance to be a master of situation and succeed with no efforts.

Cart2Cart Presents Plus One Birthday Gift with Google+
Jun 10, 2014

Cart2Cart celebrates its 5th birthday and is willing to share this bright day celebrations with its favourite customers. Now we give a possibility to win a totally costless automated migration on Google+.  

Therefore, get a chance to migrate for free with Cart2Cart participating in Google+ giveaway which will be held from June 10 to June 12. So, how to become a competitor?

1. Go to Cart2Cart page on Google+ and become a subscriber.
2. Plus our Birthday Special post.
3. Share it publicly.

Follow the instructions and become a participant which can be that lucky one who will get an opportunity to migrate for free automatically. So, don’t waste a chance and be among the giveaway winners!

Note: This giveaway special doesn’t include migration with the help of Data, Data&Design Migration Service Packages, customization and other services that require technical engineer intervention.
Please, make sure that your account privacy settings allow other users to see your posts.

Despite this great drawing, Cart2Cart offers a pleasant discount for our Data Migration Service Packages. For one month you can get 50$ off for Basic Support Service Package and $100 discount for Extended Support Service Package.

Celebrate with Cart2Cart and get an awesome gift which will be a hand of help for your profitable and successful business!