Desktop Software Development Division of MagneticOne Starts Functioning as a Separate Company
Jul 18, 2012

MagneticOne is excited to share great news. From now on the desktop software development division of MagneticOne starts functioning as a separate company eMagicOne. It will continue moving towards simplifying the lives of online store owners. With the Store Managers, multiple modules, addons, and a wide variety of new solutions it will surely turn your online business into a pleasure itself.

We are extremely happy about these changes as they give both companies more space for growth and development. eMagicOne is still the same team of developers and support engineers that have been working all these years for your success on Store Manager products. So if you have any questions concerning any kind of Store Managers support, contact eMagicOne company at

Ruslan Savchyshyn (the Founder of MagneticOne) will remain the co-owner of the newly-created company and the leading company in the sphere of eCommerce. Now it will concentrate all the efforts and talents of its team on the web-services development as most promising model. Among our solutions are:
- Cart2Cart - automated shopping cart data migration service that helps you move all the data to almost any shopping cart you wish in days or even hours
- File2Cart - automated shopping cart data import service that can turn your product import into the easiest operation possible
- Shopping Cart Diagnostics - the ultimate way to make sure your store is safe and sound
- API2Cart - the groundbreaking solution that will help you manage all your data via a unified interface.
- BetaEasy - the service that will make your beta-testing and getting feedback from the users most efficient

Grow and develop with MagneticOne and eMagicOne solutions for eCommerce.
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