MagneticOne Rocks!
Oct 18, 2012

The strongest urges of inspiration come when you see how your work helps someone. 

Today is the case. We've received this great testimonial from our customer and we want to share it with you:

We've been working with MagneticOne since 2010 on few of our websites & projects. Their level of expertise is unsurpassed!
One would mistakenly think since the company is based in Ukraine it would take a longer time for response but let me assure you that during our 3 years relationship every single issue was responded it less than a day typically 8-12 hours!

Import More Entities With Scheduled Data Import
Oct 2, 2012

File2Cart grows as you and your online business grow and develop. A bunch of recent major updates is now followed by the growth of Scheduled Data Import Plans. The number of products you can import within each package has increased several times. This also brings about a slight change of pricing for each plan.