Desktop Software Development Division of MagneticOne Starts Functioning as a Separate Company
Jul 18, 2012

MagneticOne is excited to share great news. From now on the desktop software development division of MagneticOne starts functioning as a separate company eMagicOne. It will continue moving towards simplifying the lives of online store owners. With the Store Managers, multiple modules, addons, and a wide variety of new solutions it will surely turn your online business into a pleasure itself.

We are extremely happy about these changes as they give both companies more space for growth and development. eMagicOne is still the same team of developers and support engineers that have been working all these years for your success on Store Manager products. So if you have any questions concerning any kind of Store Managers support, contact eMagicOne company at

Ruslan Savchyshyn (the Founder of MagneticOne) will remain the co-owner of the newly-created company and the leading company in the sphere of eCommerce. Now it will concentrate all the efforts and talents of its team on the web-services development as most promising model. Among our solutions are:
- Cart2Cart - automated shopping cart data migration service that helps you move all the data to almost any shopping cart you wish in days or even hours
- File2Cart - automated shopping cart data import service that can turn your product import into the easiest operation possible
- Shopping Cart Diagnostics - the ultimate way to make sure your store is safe and sound
- API2Cart - the groundbreaking solution that will help you manage all your data via a unified interface.
- BetaEasy - the service that will make your beta-testing and getting feedback from the users most efficient

Grow and develop with MagneticOne and eMagicOne solutions for eCommerce.

Time Tracking With Yaware Is Available For Mac OS Users!
Jul 16, 2012

Latest business news! As it has been announced six weeks ago, MagneticOne Team  introduces  the release of Yaware version for Mac OS! Finally, Yaware is ​​available for users of three most popular OS: Windows, Linux and Mac.

Yaware is a one-of-its-kind solution for time tracking. To start using the service you need only to download and install Yaware-client on the computer. This will take just a couple of seconds.
If you don't want your team to know about the monitoring, you can install Yaware in hidden mode.

Analyze the productivity of your employees  regardless of what operating system they use and where they work - in your office or distantly. All information on, working hours, websites visited and inefficient time usage will be available to you in one window from any point of the world. Moreover, you can log in to your account and check the results not only from your PC or laptop, but also from your Android-based phone.

Get the advantages of tracking employee working hours to improve the effectiveness of your business right now. Register your account  and get Yaware trial version for 14 days absolutely free!

With Yaware, your business will be in safe hands!

Hooray! We Are Mashup of the Day!
Jul 4, 2012

We are proud to announce that ProgrammableWeb directory distinguished File2Cart as a mashup of the day! ProgrammableWeb is a leading directory for APIs, mashups and Web tools. The site is aimed at developers, technology designers and executives. The target audience can find here a reliable information about innovations and trends in electronic industry.

It is pleasant that our achievements are noticed and appreciated as we constantly strive to improve and provide you with useful innovations. Your attention is a great booster for us to work, create and develop. So, we will be glad if you visit our ProgrammableWeb page where you can read about our service, rate it or leave your comment.

Enjoy the wide possibilities of product import with File2Cart. Economize your time and efforts moving products with product information from a file or feed to a desirable shopping cart. Want to ensure that we are really worth being Mashup of the Day, Month and Year? Register your account right now and сheck it out for yourself!

MagneticOne is an Official MobiCart Industry Partner
Jul 2, 2012

Breaking news! MagneticOne is now official partners with MobiCart! Our company has been acknowledged as an industry expert of this prominent mobile solution. 
What does that mean? For us this is a significant recognition of our achievements in the field of eCommerce. For you this means new opportunities for your business. Both teams will double their efforts together to achieve even more in online commerce and open new horizons before our users.  
In the rapid business world mCommerce becomes urgent and beneficial solution for customers and retailers. MobiCart is an innovative shopping cart that can turn your online store into the mobile application. The platform is fully customizable and provides you freedom in all operations: from changing the interface to adding new features. MobiCart includes all the necessary features for successful store management - convenient catalogue modification, user-friendly admin panel, powerful API, multiple languages and currencies, numerous available addons.  
MagneticOne can advise you on any questions regarding creation of your own online mobile store. We have 10 years of experience behind us and the knowledge of the best specialists in the field of eCommerce to serve you. Moreover, you have an opportunity to migrate your store to MobiCart quickly and accurately using Cart2Cart service. Just register an account and your products, customers and orders will be transferred to MobiCart in no time. Hurry up to benefit from partnership of MagneticOne and MobiCart!