BetaEasy, Customer Feedback & Beta Management Service, is Featured On KillerStartups and Go2web20
Mar 22, 2010

Recently, BetaEasy was reviewed by - one of the largest user driven internet startups community. The aim of the community is to keep entrepreneurs, investors, and bloggers informed about up-and-coming internet startups. Users can vote on the startup they believe to be the most promising.

Also, our customer feedback and beta management service has been noticed by - one of the biggest web2.0 directories. It indexes thousands of applications and keeps users up to date on the services that arrive on the scene. It's just the beginning! We'll keep you updated on further BetaEasy success.

New Customer Feedback & Beta Management Service Launched
Mar 15, 2010

The importance of customers feedback during application/website development and after its release is not a secret. Well tested, high-quality product is much more competitive and demanded on the market than the one which didn't go through beta testing. Constant feedback from your users is what is going to help you constantly improve your software or website.

MagneticOne has introduced new online service which is going to make beta stage of any software product easier and help to centralize all users feedback in one place. This service allows to create a community of users, who can vote for submitted bugs/features and solve some of the problems on public forum. Designed both for: website feedback & testing and software testing. Thus, it 's much easier to set the priorities and see whether your application meets users expectations. Another great advantage of BetaEasy is API access, which means service can easily be integrated with any website, service, software regardless of e-commerce platform or programming language.

To start getting users feedback and give it a try visit

Cart2Cart is Now Deployed on Amazon Elastic Cloud
Mar 10, 2010

From now on all the migrations will be performed on virtualized servers that are deployed on Amazon's Elastic Cloud (EC2) service. This trend gains vast popularity lately. Cart2Cart, shopping cart migration service, tries to go with the times and take advantage of new technologies. Now all Cart2Cart users will benefit from the flexibility of Amazon's cloud computing service. It means the migration will no longer have to stay in a queue awaiting its turn - it gives the possibility of simultaneous migration of multiple stores.

Having dedicated server for every migration will greatly reduce time frames of information transition. Besides, this also guarantees Cart2Cart users high level of data safety as it will be stored on Amazon's servers. Hopefully service users will appreciate the enhanced speed and overall optimised performance of the service. You're welcome to give it a try!