Interspire, Squirrelcart and Shop-Script Migration Supported by Cart2Cart
Jan 25, 2010

Starting today Cart2Cart supports migration to/from Interspire, Squirrelcart and Shop-Script! These three e-commerce platforms join the list of supported carts. Now you can easily migrate products, customers, orders, images and other information to or from these shopping carts. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

Interspire - commercial, PHP-based, and fully-featured shopping cart. Among the numerous features: built-in marketing tools, single page checkout, completely customizable, business intelligence reports, etc. Has hosted and licensed editions.

Squirrelcart - PHP-based, fully customizable shopping cart. Some of the key features: unlimited number of products and categories, easy to customize, advanced image features, and others. PRO edition also available.

Shop-Script - available as PHP software and hosted service. Offers a lot of features. Here are some of them: multilingual, SEO tools available, templates-based, etc. Software comes with fully open source code.

Each of the mentioned above shopping carts has different features, so depending on your business needs you can choose the one which is going to work best.

Cart2Cart: Major Shopping Cart Migration Improvements - Version 2.0
Jan 22, 2010

Cart2Cart service is enhanced and becomes even more advanced. For several months Cart2Cart team has been working on the migration process improvement. All users' comments and advice were taken into consideration. Finally, after many days of intense work we release new migration processor. At this time we have got more than 1,300 migrations which is a great proof of customers' confidence in the service. We have tried our best to make the interaction with service even more convenient for you, our respected customers, by reducing the human factor impact on the course of migration. We hope you enjoy the new version and it is of use to you!

What's new?
In the latest version of Cart2Cart provides you with the bunch of improvements and new features. To mention some of them:
  • support of X-Cart version 4.3
  • migration of product variants (X-Cart)
  • migration of configurable products (Magento)
  • additional product images transfer
  • and more
Please visit Cart2Cart and give our new version a try. Your feedback is welcome!

We Did It! Cart2Cart Reached Milestone with 1000 Migrations
Jan 14, 2010

Launched in June 2009 Cart2Cart has already become quite popular online shopping cart migration service. Cart2Cart has crossed the line of 1 000 successful migrations! and it's not the limit. Migration to Magento still holds the leading position among the target shopping carts.

Redardless of the fact that our service still working in Beta it has already proved to be a reliable and accurate migration tool. As the evidence of that - growing number of customer testimonials and migration partners.

Cart2Cart started supporting 6 shopping carts, now service supports 12 of them. And the list constantly grows. Among the new features - Assisted migration service. This is professional migration setup service provided by Cart2Cart support engineers who ensure the data is migrated accurately and safely.

Cart2Cart is on track to become leading shopping cart migration service and is ready for the next 1 000!

Get Acquainted with Addons for Store Managers via Trial Version
Jan 5, 2010

If you're already familiar with MagneticOne products and services than you know that we develop not only Modules and Store Managers but also Addons for Store Manager. Addons are designed to automate and improve typical tasks/operations made by store owners or managers. To mention some of them: Mass Product Changer, Mail Order Management Import/Export, Mass AdWords Product Ads and two accounting integrations: QuickBooks Integration and Peachtree Integration. They are offered for different shopping carts.

You can download Trial versions, they are available and have been prolonged for the majority of addons, to view the addon in action. This will enable you to see the basic functionality of the addon, whether it meets your needs and how it can improve the efficiency of your business. We welcome you to visit our store and download Trial versions of Addons for Store Managers to get acquainted with applications before the purchase. Hope it's useful for you.

Sponsoring Lviv StartUp Club Session 4.0
Jan 4, 2010

At the end of December MagneticOne took part in Lviv StartUp Club Session 4.0 - "Business models and first steps". Existing business models were introduced, startups discussed real examples of business models implementing to have better understanding how to work with each separate model.

MagneticOne has also introduced new startup - BetaEasy. This is online beta-programs management service. BetaEasy has been developed to make beta stage of any product (website, module, desktop application, etc) easier. This service allows to collect feedback from all the product users or separately selected group invited for testing in one place. BetaEasy will be useful for large number of IT startups as well as for different companies who want to make beta stage of their products easier.

This service is another surprise for MagneticOne customers. It is currently in Beta and has not been introduced yet. Our blog readers get to know about it first :) Follow our announcements to know when it's available. Awaiting Lviv StartUp Club Session 5.0 and more surprises from MagneticOne.