Holiday Work Hours
Apr 27, 2012

In observance of the state holidays MagneticOne will provide limited support on May 1st-2nd. The company will renew its work under normal business hours on  Thursday, May 3d. We appreciate your patience.

Sincerely Yours,
MagneticOne team

Easter Holiday Work Hours
Apr 12, 2012

In observance of the state holidays MagneticOne will provide limited support on April 14-16th. The company will renew its work under normal business hours on Tuesday 17th. We appreciate your patience and will respond to any requests received over the long weekend.

Have a happy Easter and enjoy the holiday time! Don’t forget about special Easter presents from MagneticOne! Don’t miss your chance to take your online business to the highest level!

Sincerely Yours,
MagneticOne team

Easter Special Offer 2012
Apr 5, 2012

Turn Efficiency into Your Revenue!

It’s the ultimate time for the new ideas, new energy and a new life! However, what is most important, it’s time for presents! We have been thinking hard about a gift for you. We discussed loads of ideas and tried to think of something that would be useful for you. 

So, on this special occasion we are going to reveal to you the secret of efficiency and success in your business. As we are the developer company, we have quite a lot to offer. So here you go! A set of solutions that will cover important aspects of your online business!

Let this spring and this happy Easter become the beginning of a new period of groundbreaking achievements and records in your business! Enjoy the work and go beyond all the possible limits. MagneticOne solutions are created for you!

Note! This offer is valid till April 20th, 2012