Sponsoring Lviv StartUp Club Session 4.0
Jan 4, 2010

At the end of December MagneticOne took part in Lviv StartUp Club Session 4.0 - "Business models and first steps". Existing business models were introduced, startups discussed real examples of business models implementing to have better understanding how to work with each separate model.

MagneticOne has also introduced new startup - BetaEasy. This is online beta-programs management service. BetaEasy has been developed to make beta stage of any product (website, module, desktop application, etc) easier. This service allows to collect feedback from all the product users or separately selected group invited for testing in one place. BetaEasy will be useful for large number of IT startups as well as for different companies who want to make beta stage of their products easier.

This service is another surprise for MagneticOne customers. It is currently in Beta and has not been introduced yet. Our blog readers get to know about it first :) Follow our announcements to know when it's available. Awaiting Lviv StartUp Club Session 5.0 and more surprises from MagneticOne.
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