Holiday Greetings!
Dec 30, 2009

MagneticOne wishes Happy Holidays to all our customers and blog readers! We have grown quite a bit this year and so did number of our products and services. Among the new products which have been released:

Store Managers

Two brand-new store managers were released: Store Manager for Pinnacle Cart and Store Manager for Magento. So now users of these e-commerce platforms can also manage thir online store more effectively. Store Manager automates management of products,product attributes, categories, manufacturers, orders, etc.

Addons for Store Managers

We have introduced you two accounting integrations this year: QuickBooks Integration and Peachtree Integration. Both of these packages enable online retailers to export/import their products, customers, orders to the accounting package. With these accounting addons you can be sure your data is safe and there will be no duplicates.


We should also mention the release of RSS Aggregator and Point of Sale (POS) modules. RSS Aggregator has been developed to import RSS news feeds from various sources and place them on your shopping cart. Point of Sale (POS) was developed as a virtual sales terminal which allows to handle orders from additional sales channels besides online store.

Online Services

In 2009 MagneticOne launched first online service - Cart2Cart. Online shopping cart migration service which automates data migration from a certain shopping cart to different one. Cart2Cart makes migration of products, customers, orders, images and other information totally automated. The service is unique and has no analogues on the web. As an evidence of that - more than 800 migrations in less than half a year. Currently service supports migration to/from 12 shopping carts - the list grows day by day.

MagneticOne got even more surprises for you planned for 2010 - follow our announcements to know when our new products and services are available. We will help you to make business even more profitable, providing more fresh, high-quality solutions to improve the efficiency of your online store! Happy Holidays everybody!
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