We Did It! Cart2Cart Reached Milestone with 1000 Migrations
Jan 14, 2010

Launched in June 2009 Cart2Cart has already become quite popular online shopping cart migration service. Cart2Cart has crossed the line of 1 000 successful migrations! and it's not the limit. Migration to Magento still holds the leading position among the target shopping carts.

Redardless of the fact that our service still working in Beta it has already proved to be a reliable and accurate migration tool. As the evidence of that - growing number of customer testimonials and migration partners.

Cart2Cart started supporting 6 shopping carts, now service supports 12 of them. And the list constantly grows. Among the new features - Assisted migration service. This is professional migration setup service provided by Cart2Cart support engineers who ensure the data is migrated accurately and safely.

Cart2Cart is on track to become leading shopping cart migration service and is ready for the next 1 000!
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