“They reacted in top time and gave me the solution I needed” - Inspiring Feedback from MagneticOne Client
Sep 2, 2013

Each day the whole MagneticOne Team receives great feedback of our clients to whom our services have been of help - and this is the best incentive to keep going. Today, we got a very special feedback - it’s from a customer who first used our services... three years ago. 

Without further ado, we present his exact words to you:

“I have only words of congratulations for the support provided from this company. I have been using a product purchased from them for 3 years. Recently I noticed a problem in the functionality of my site related directly to their software. I placed immediately a ticket and I decided to mark it with extreme urgency due to the damage it costed my site. 

As always, they reacted in top time and gave me the solution I needed in a extremely elegant manner: I gave them access to the files and they delivered in one day the solution, complete, as requested, free of charge. 

Therefore I highly recommend this company. You buy not only an e-solution, but you also buy the assurance that if you turn back you will find someone there for you more active as the persons who are trying to sell you the initial product.”

Manuel Nastai 

Thank you, Manuel, for evaluating us so high! Our clients are our most valuable asset, so we will keep working and improving to meet all of your demands and provide the unparalleled experience of using our services at all times! 

WIth utmost gratitude,
MagneticOne Team

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