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Nov 15, 2012

We would like to share with you a new Personalization tool that our partner - Commerce Sciences - recently launched. It's called the Personal Bar. 

The Personal Bar is an E-Commerce add-on, designed to make in-site navigation easier and enable automatic interaction with each shopper, in a personal way. 

The Personal Bar will help you update your offers, add personal messages, call-to-actions and even give an immediate response to change in competitors' prices, by offering a discount /free-shipping coupon at the relevant product page.
Specially for our blog readers, we offer an Enterprise Edition of the Personal Bar for free.

What can it do for you

Be there for your shoppers
 The add-on allows to have all store’s key assets in one place which increases shoppers engagement. This includes:
  • In-site search
  • Checkout
  • Live chat
  • Social buttons
  • Coupons, and more

Give a personal experience

Automatically trigger the right experience for each shopper. Based on your shoppers' behavior you will be able to:
  • easily target different types of people (e.g. new visitors, returning visitors, hesitating shoppers)
  • seamlessly interact with each customer with different coupons, offers, calls-to-action & more.

Increase sales & reduce cart abandonment

The 1-Click Personalization enables you to quickly set-up personalized experiences, learn and improve at meeting your shoppers' needs, based on their unique "DNA".
* Free upgrade to the Enterprise Edition of the Personal Bar - in order to receive the free Enterprise Edition upgrade for one year, you should only place the Personal Bar tag on your store by Nov 21, 2012 and send the words "MagneticOne" to Commerce Sciences.

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