MagneticOne Turns 10 Today!
Nov 8, 2011

Finally the day has come! Today we’ve reached our first grand milestone. We are 10! The aroma of birthday cake spreads through all the rooms, the candles are burning, the celebration has come!

Today is the ultimate chance to tell you, our dearest customers, how happy we are to work for you! But for your loyalty, we wouldn’t have reached anything. Thanks to you we grow, set goals, achieve them and strive for the best!
Your achievements are our pride and joy, your work is our inspiration!

We have prepared a special birthday giveaway for you! Check it out now and celebrate with us, cause it’s your day too!

We’ve done a lot and still are full of grand plans, ideas and the sky is our limit!

Let’s raise the glasses to our long mutual cooperation, to our new ideas, to your flourishing business!

Cheers to MagneticOne! Cheers to our clients! Cheers to your success!
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