Hot Summer Offer from MagneticOne!
Aug 5, 2011

* 50% discount on the Update Service till August 31st!

No coupon codes, no additional terms... Simply go to MagneticOne Store and download the module updates directly from your account. Your discount will be there waiting for you.

Do you have more than one MagneticOne module? Guess what? You get a 50% discount on the update of each!

What’s in it for you?
  • New and fresh interface
  • Faster module functionality with the deprecation of older PHP 4.3
  • Advanced speed of operation with PHP 5.3
  • Advanced speed of data processing with MySQL 5.3
  • Enhanced module reliability
* 25% discount coupon code MAGN-QVYT-HOT on ANY MagneticOne product!

Hurry up! This unique offer expires in 10 days!

NOTE: 25% discount coupon cannot be applied to MagneticOne web services.

Grab your chance and get all the updates now!
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