MagneticOne Sponsors First in Ukraine Roborace
Jun 22, 2010

There are numerous ways how MagneticOne helps young, talented people. As we're big fans of cool gadgets, recently we have sponsored the competition of self-driven cars with high-intelligence developers. It took place in Ternopil, Ukraine. Robo-cars had to make 30 circles on a special track, showing how aspect-stabilized they are. The cars, developed by students mostly, contained complicated micro-programmed-processor and not trivial software to be complitely autonomous. Also, ultrasonic sensors enabled robo-cars to notice obstacles on their way and avoid the collision.

It's not that cheap to make and launch such a car. But, nonetheless, all the invited teams have confirmed their participation in the race. This is first competition of this kind in Ukraine. But the tradition will continue in the year to come and will bring along more participants and more strict requirements. More details on the race and the participants can be found at
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