New Customer Feedback & Beta Management Service Launched
Mar 15, 2010

The importance of customers feedback during application/website development and after its release is not a secret. Well tested, high-quality product is much more competitive and demanded on the market than the one which didn't go through beta testing. Constant feedback from your users is what is going to help you constantly improve your software or website.

MagneticOne has introduced new online service which is going to make beta stage of any software product easier and help to centralize all users feedback in one place. This service allows to create a community of users, who can vote for submitted bugs/features and solve some of the problems on public forum. Designed both for: website feedback & testing and software testing. Thus, it 's much easier to set the priorities and see whether your application meets users expectations. Another great advantage of BetaEasy is API access, which means service can easily be integrated with any website, service, software regardless of e-commerce platform or programming language.

To start getting users feedback and give it a try visit
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